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Our philosophy acknowledges that every child is unique and requires total acceptance in order to develop their full potential. We acknowledge our partnership with families in providing a successful programme that promotes high self esteem, empowerment to learn and have respect for boundaries that operate in an effective group environment. The Centre operates within two distinct groups the infants and toddlers and the preschoolers. The Infants &Toddlers and Preschool programmes are available on display in each area and are based on the principles of Te Whaariki - the Early Childhood Curriculum. This reflects the holistic way children learn and grow, focusing on the individual child and their relationships with the world around them.


Infants & Toddlers

  • Loving, calm nurturing environment that is physically and emotionally secure
  • High staff/infant ratios.
  • Partnership between parents and staff
  • Flexible approach encouraging children to explore the environment through music, stories, art and tactile experiences while catering for each individual’s needs
  • Individual routines for feeding and sleeping are catered for. Nappies are provided free



(Approx. 2 – 5 years).

  • Fun, challenging broad based educational programme, incorporating free play and structured play based around the child’s interest
  • Children at this age are encouraged to participate in group art,language, drama, music and movement, cognitive development, stories,puzzles and games
  • We provide activities where children are in smaller groups enabling them to build up solid relationships with an adult and other children of their own age

There is a full breakdown of the programmes in our prospectus



Happy Times is fortunate that we attract staff of the highest quality. Staff feel valued and appreciated working in a community where children’s education is so highly valued. Staff are selected on their qualifications, previous experiences and most importantly their ability to make children feel valued and inspire their learning.



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